About Us

the greek word for Vision

Irish brothers Mark & Tom Robinson both have the same passion for creating stunning visual imagery.

Having grown up together and worked together over the years they have come to have a keen understansing of their complimentary skill-sets and they’ve both had sucesful careers in visual media.

Mark Robinson

Photography has been a passion of Marks since his schools days. He studdied A-Level Photography & Media Studies at 6th form college and then went on to University to study Film, Media Technology & Photography.

Mark has worked in film and video for over 15 years in full time contracted positions but primarily as a freelancer where he has garndered an impressive array of versatile skills in media and communications.

He has been running his own company Digital Creative for the past 9 years where you can see his production work.

Tom Robinson

With a career in TV and Film spanning more than 20 years, Tom is a seasoned professional. As a boy he always had a camera in his hand and was always flexing his creativity with the limited tools at his disposal.

He studied XYZ at university in Dublin and then followed his family over to London where he sent several years working in Audio Visual technology before quickly becoing a camera man for broadcast, corprate and freelance productions.

This all naturally progressed into editing and directing films for himself and he has run his own company Mostly Creative for XX years.

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