How Much Does a Website Cost for Professional Services?



July 4, 2024

How much does it cost to build a website for professional service enterprises?*

*(Scroll down to view the pricing table of popular CMSs below if you can’t wait⇣)

About agency pricing for enterprise website projects

Like anything digital, pricing varies widely and is often only available upon contact with a specific agency or service provider. 

One way to get solid costs with a project is to do it yourself with a website builder, but this is a no-go for a large enterprise with complex needs.

Enterprises require custom functionalities, integrations with existing systems, high scalability, and robust security that website builders cannot provide. Additionally, managing multiple stakeholders and ensuring compliance with regulations often necessitates the expertise of a digital agency.

The grey area with digital agency pricing

An agency offers a wealth of experience, knowledge, and efficiency, but the downside can be grey areas in billable hours, dependencies between project participants, and so much more. We still build this way (and totally recommend it) for projects that require heavily custom APIs and middleware or have many dependencies and need a continuous buffer.

In development and design, some things just work

However, nearly two decades of building websites for global brands with an award-winning CMS, Umbraco, made us realise there truly are some underlying foundational technologies, hosting solutions, and design functionalities that continuously work for the professional service industry time and time again. 

During our recent rebrand, revitalising the values of honesty, collaboration, and community, we created Orama Studio, an enterprise website solution powered by the leading open-source CMS, Umbraco. 

Built on honesty, best practices and leading technology

Now we have a website solution for professional services that embodies:

  • The power of open source technology, freedom of information and fair pricing.

  • How Professional Services companies feel about the website "triathlon", from pitch to launch.

  • Design and development elements work for ROI, time and time again.

How does Orama Studio provide transparent website project pricing?

There's no catch—and each site looks unique to users. 

We noticed we were repetitively developing and designing effective modules for global organisations. Instead of charging each new client for something we know works, we built it in from the start. This allows clients to begin with an out-of-the-box solution, supported by a real agency team throughout the project, to fine-tune the website to fit their brand and business needs without a lengthy development phase.

Professional services asked; we delivered

Orama Studio answers the common questions we hear from clients:

  • Why must we choose between rigid templates or expensive, time-consuming custom builds?

  • Why are CMSs complex to use?

  • Why do simple web development tasks cost so much?

  • Why can't digital agencies provide transparent and fair pricing?

  • Why do brands have to go through a long development phase before they get to the lead generation stuff?

The cost of a website using Orama Studio for Professional Services

Orama Studio is a sustainably hosted, cost-effective, flexible website solution for Professional Services with an Umbraco Platinum Partner agency team by your side for the project's duration.

Explore Orama Studio and how it increased organic traffic for Russell-Cooke within eight weeks of launch.

Ready to discover Orama Studio? We're currently offering 1 year free support bringing the whole project cost down to £73,987

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